rigging and structures

Some shows require specialized rigging and structures to support. We have multiple custom engineered structures, stamped and ready for permitted production work. Our certified and highly trained riggers can create a safe and efficient custom rigging solution for any show. Whether it is hanging tons of lights and speakers or making a custom staging solution with hard sets and video walls we are ready to make your vision come to life.

supporting your show.

Some of our most popular engineered solutions are our line array towers and custom video wall towers manufactured by Applied. The line array towers can handle 1500 pound loads of speakers at 25’ with a wind load! The Video wall towers can handle 2500 pounds at 32’!
With our in house certified technicians, our equipment is kept in top condition and ready to go at all times.

Video Goal Post

Our video goal post is a great way to hang a video wall above a stage, including mobile and built stages. It handles 2500 pounds at 32′ with wind up to 40mph.

    Line Array Towers

    Our line array towers are great when your ST24s simply won’t cut the mustard! Get 1500 lbs up to 25′ in the air with a chain motor, no more hand cranking. We can provide motor and ballast solutions as well as engineer stamped drawings for the inspectors.