Pipe, Drape, and Scenic

Image Production Services is the go-to scenic company. Our in-house fabrication shop and set design department is respected for creative concepts and precise executions. Image Production Services has produced staging and scenery for both small and large entities throughout the country and is the staging and scenery provider on which many producers rely. We rent a variety of pipe and drape configurations and colors for events and expos. Our expert professionals will deliver, install, and dismantle your pipe and drape needs skillfully, efficiently, and cost effectively.

Our scenic shop capabilities include:

  • State of art CNC router
  • Full 3 D CAD Services
  • Wood & Metal fabrication Shop
  • Plastics And Fiberglass
  • Paint Shop
  • Experienced Rigging solutions

What is pipe and drape?

Pipe and Drape refers to pipe (aluminum or steel), fixed or adjustable telescoping vertical uprights supported by a weighted steel base, and adjustable telescopic or fixed horizontals that provide a drape support frame with removable drape panels in a variety of color choices. Pipe and Drape is used to divide, hide, and/or decorate a space temporarily. It is freestanding so ideal as room dividers, exhibition curtain back drape, stage theatrical backdrop, catering aisle drape and drape partitions.

Often used as trade show booths, in tents, in large banquet halls and on stage, pipe and drape covers up the distracting features of the less appealing wall or window behind it. It is the least costly way to surround booth space at an exhibition. Pipe and drape is a great way of adding color to what would normally be a relatively plain backdrop.