Image Productions has full service live event production capabilities including sound, lights, staging, video and streaming from their 10,000 sq. ft. production facility in Shrewsbury MA.

Two “stage sets” have been created for Image Theater productions … the main area is 40’ x 36’ and the secondary set is a 24’ x 24’ black box … one or both of these spaces can be rigged for a single production as needed.

Image has aligned as a Production Partner with Stellar Tickets, an online streaming platform owned by Goldstar, an event ticket selling organization with millions of “members” who receive an option for discounted tickets for events.

This alliance allows Image streamed events on Stellar to be promoted directly to Goldstar members, enlarging the audience worldwide.

Image will produce and promote events with talent, management, agents, venues or organizations using varying methodologies to determine costs and revenue shares.

Talent and Image will work together initially to plan the date, all aspects of the event, the marketing and promotion.

    The facility will be Covid safety compliant, with check in testing upon arrival, and no one will be allowed on site with a higher than normal temperature, or other symptoms of any illness … Talent will be responsible for assuring that their attending members and crew comply with guidelines. 

    Gary Sohmers, Executive Producer – 508-864-4498 

    Darren Lussier,  Executive Producer – 508-331-8111