Banners and Stage Branding

With each of our Apex stages, we offer plenty of branding space for your event, sponsors and more.

Banner/Scrim Sizing Information:

  • Front Skirt – 34′ long X 44″ tall with max image size being 32′ wide X 44″ tall centered both horizontally and vertically. Front skirt will wrap around stage corners 1′ on each end.
  • 70% Blow-thru back drop – 32′ long X 16′-6″ tall with “IMPORTANT” portion of image at least 4″ up from bottom edge of backdrop. Picture should take up entire backdrop.
  • Tall side banners (front L&R) – 24-6″ tall X 4′ wide using elbow style upper banner holders or 20′-6″ tall X 4′ wide using the straight style upper banner holders.
  • Upper center cross banner – 32′ long X 48″ wide using elbow style upper banner holders or 32′ long X 48″ tall using straight style upper banner holders.

Click here to download the PDF of sizing and layout instructions.

Supplemental Banner/Scrim Information:

  • Black zip ties approximately 8″ long (200 needed total approximately) recommended as fastening method for all banners and scrims except for backdrop. The backdrop needs to be fastened using carabineers through grommet holes around the curtain rod on top inside edge of the stage roof. A maximum of 5/16″ diameter bungee cord to be run through all grommet holes on bottom edge of backdrop. Carabineers to be secured around bungee chord and then around curtain rod located on inside underneath edge of stage floor.
  • 3/8″ Diameter grommet holes need to be placed approximately 1′ apart on all mounting edges of banners/scrims. Additionally, grommet holes will need to be spaced so that they are in the corners of the mounting edges. Typical mounting edges include top edge of front skirt, top and bottom edges of backdrop, top edge of L&R side banners and top edge of upper center cross banner. Bottom edges of all banners/scrims typically are not secured except for the backdrop which is secured on both top and bottom edges. Grommet holes could be added to bottom edges of L&R side banners if weight were to be used (ex: sandbag) to keep them from moving in the wind. Keep in mind grommet hole edges/protectors will be able to be seen by audience. More so if they are light in color.
  • Some banner/scrim height measurements are based off 4′ ground level to stage floor height which represents average setup height. Scrim heights may need to be lengthened if stage floor height is more than 4′.